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How the Wonder happens 

Which role is right for you?


Chefs on the Road 

Our Chefs on the Road (or CORs, as we call them) are vital, indispensable members of the Wonder team. They prepare, package, and then deliver exceptional meals to our customers in assigned delivery zones.  

CORs connect with our customers and bring our brand to life. It’s a role that taps into your personality, independence, leadership, and creativity, and is utterly unique to the food space.  

The best part? You don’t need much experience to be an excellent COR—many occupational backgrounds provide the foundation needed to succeed. Plus, we’ll give you top-of-the-line training, so you feel supported and prepared as you begin your career with Wonder. 

Starting rate: $20 per hour 

Flexible schedule

Paid training provided

Vehicle provided

Minimal experience required 

Immediate start*

*Subject to required pre-hire screening

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